NEW ITEMS: conceal, don't feel

Sweden has been incredibly dull and grey lately and i've been lacking the energy to cover up the most prominent piece of proof of exhaustion in my face: my dark circles. I've been struggling with purple half moons under my eyes for the longest time (part genetics, part dehydration) and i've been trying out color correction before but most of the concealers i've tried have been a bit too thick to wear on a daily basis. Unless creasing is your thing. I went to my local Urban Decay counter and literally begged for the makeup artist to help me with the situation in my face and she did. I went with a fluffy domed concealer brush and a light pink color corrector. 


I've only tried them out twice but so far I like them! I'm used to flat concealer brushes and having something like this gives you a softer application. The color corrector is a thin fluid with good coverage that i can't wait to try out. I've mainly used it with a bb-cream and powder on top and it's been holding up nicely! Let me know if you want me to post a demo :)