hi - here's my recommendations

I’m not giving you any excuses to why i’ve been gone for so long, you’ve heard them all before and they’re the same as last year. Let’s just JUMP INTO IT.

After three years of complaining about the awful value of an audible membership i got pulled into it. Paul Holes and Jim Clemente have an audible exclusive together, appropriately named ‘Evil Has A Name’ where they talk about the Golden State Killer case. Jim Clemente is a retired FBI profiler and Paul Holes.. is Paul Holes. I couldn’t put my phone down after pressing play the first time, LOVED it. Hearing two professionals talking about a case they have a lot of insight into is very interesting even for someone who knows pretty much everything publicly available about the murder/rape/burglary spree. It’s worth a listen.

Another audio book i’ve listened to this month is Jenna Miscavige Hill’s ‘Beyond Belief: My Secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape’. It’s about her life as the niece of the leader of scientology and a Sea Org member. It’s terrifying to think that this cult has pretty much free reign to use and abuse people and still keep their tax exempt status.

I found myself binging the entire first season of Leah Remini’s ‘Scientology and the Aftermath’ when I was in L.A. living on Fountain Ave two years ago. I hated walking past the big blue hospital building and seeing all the Org members running to and from the PAC base, with the determination of someone who think they’re saving the planet. Not to belittle anyone or their beliefs but it weighed heavy on my heart after hearing all the stories and testimonies. Faith should never hurt or tear you down. I finished the second season and her book on the flight home, and the third season this week. I’ve never felt so much watching a documentary series before. The strength of Mike Rinder and the people that have left so far is unfathomable. If me talking about it doesn’t make you want to watch it, the 9,2 IMDB rating should.

That’s all for today. Follow me on a magical mystical ride of wanting to blog but forgetting to blog and feeling bad about it! Love ya stinky.