After 5 years of watching youtube aquascapers i realized i’m an adult and that i can get an aquarium if i want to. i cashed out some of my $BNB earnings and bought a used aquael shrimp set (20l) which contained a betta before i got my hands on it. It was cheap, barely used and i got to pet a smooth collie at the house where i picked it up! overall great deal. cleaned it when i got home, tossed out the filter, kept the light and heater, and got to work. I filmed the trips to the fish store and i’m going to try to edit it this week and have it posted by the end of it. I was going to film setting up the tank but both of my camera batteries were dead and it was already late when i started so i didn’t. not that you’re missing out on anything, i was  rinsing substrate for 2 hours. For this tank i used a big piece of driftwood, fluval stratum, cryptocoryne (funny because i used cryptocurrency earnings buying everything), hornwort, ludwigia repens, and pygmy chain sword. 


Only problem i’ve run into after almost a week is that I think i’ve overfertilized a bit. My cryptocoryne started to rot just two or three days after planting. First i assumed it was because of its close proximity to my heater but later realized i got the fertilizer dosage wrong. I’ve done small water changes just to clear it out but yesterday i did a 50%, got all the affected leaves out, moved the heater and hoped for the best. We’ll see in a couple days but i think it’s going to be fine! I have no plans on putting livestock in earlier than a month from now so i’m allowing myself to get all parameters fine and everything to take it’s time while learning as much as possible about my little desk oasis. I think i’ll add another light soon but i think we’re good for now. Let me know what you think in the comments! Hope you’re having a good day  ♡