welcome to 2018, blog

First post of 2018. In an attempt to find the motivation to blog more, let's introduce some new things!

Monthly favorites + new things: every month i'll introduce (at least) two favorite things. Snacks, skincare, songs, tech, whatever. At the same time i'll introduce two new things that i've just started using with a follow up by the end of the month. Let's get to the content!



Papa Recipe   Manuca Honey Black Honey Mask

Papa Recipe Manuca Honey Black Honey Mask


So i've been  R A V I N G  about this mask and i've probably told every single person I know about it. Winter is in full effect here in the north and with that comes the THIRST for moisture. And like a gift from God himself, this mask shows up. I haven't been this excited over a sheet mask EVER. I've tried their other masks (Bombee Honey Butter Mask, and  Bombee Rose Gold Honey Mask) and they're all AMAZING but the black honey one is something special. Papa Recipe is a korean brand, who put pride in making products suitable for any skin type, even the most sensitive. Using soothing ingredients like manuca honey and bee propolis, they're of the firm belief that great recepies aren't to be found in an office or a lab, but in nature. I can't say I fully agree, lab made chemicals are a staple in my daily routine, but I still think it's kinda cute. They smell SOOOO good (I wish they made fragrances too), are PACKED with essence, and actually make a noticable difference in the hydration level in the skin. Their products are available on amazon (where you can buy in bulk!) or in Sephora stores (and online) here in Sweden.

Second favorite is all over youtube at the moment, and I picked it up THE DAY my local Sephora got it in stock. An instant favorite, the NARS Radiant Longwear Foundation. Mont Blanc isn't a perfect color match for me (way too pink) but it's the closest we get in store here so i'm making it work. Full coverage, lightweight, looks like skin and gives you an airbrushed finish like nothing else. Doesn't end up too greasy by the end of the day if you powder well. Doesn't emphasize texture, which is incredibly important for me at the moment since i've been breaking out like crazy.  Here's two blurry front camera pictures as proof:


And the two new things! Not very interesting this month, i'm not very excited to try out new things considering the entire breakout situation. First thing is Armani Sì Passione. I'm not crazy about the original Sì fragrance, but the Passione version is RIGHT up my alley. Anyone who knows me know that i'm interested in anything involving blackcurrant. From the Armani website "Bright and fresh in its initial impression, Sì Passione opens with notes of spicy pink pepper, like a burst of adrenaline. After initially drawing attention, sparkling and radiant pear brightens the iconic juicy blackcurrant to add boldness. A floral heart beats passionately with rose and feminine jasmine to create a powerful scent, like a seemingly fragile woman who shows incredible strength when guided by passion. The addition of heliotrope makes this perfume addictive and acts as an invitation to self-indulgence and pleasure. The warm and sensual vanilla and cedarwood dry down mirrors the self-assurance that a swipe of red lipstick can instantly give the wearer. " It's a cute, work appropriate scent perfect for spring. It's going to be nice to be able to give my Jo Malone Blackberry&Bay a break!

Next new thing is the Simple Skincare Cleansing Facial Wipes. Simple Skincare just got introduced into the Swedish market and I was excited to try these out. They're okay, fragrance free and gentle. I haven't been wearing a lot of makeup so I haven't had the possibility to test these out in proper conditions but i'll report back when i've used up all the wipes :)


So... See you tomorrow with another freshly baked blog post :)